An icon. A legend. An institution. Lisa D will hate that we’ve called her any of those things, but we’re going to anyway – because it’s true!

You’d know Lisa D as the host of Freakin’ It, one of Fresh 92.7’s longest running and most beloved shows. For over 20 years, Lisa D has been Adelaide’s bridge into the world of R&B and rap every single week. She’s interviewed everyone in the scene who matters: Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Fatman Scoop, Ciara, not to mention Beyoncé. Yes, you heard that right – Lisa freakin’ D once interviewed Beyoncé.

Freakin’ It has reliably aired every single week on Fresh 92.7, and Lisa D isn’t going anywhere. She is, however, taking a small break. She’s certainly earned it!

Tuesday, September 1st will mark Lisa D’s last September show on Fresh 92.7. Freakin’ It will take four weeks off, returning after the October long weekend. Don’t panic: those four weeks will absolutely fly by!

An exciting new show from a beloved Freshie will keep the seat warm for Lisa D throughout September. We can’t wait to introduce that new show to you next week.

Freakin’ It with Lisa D will return to the Fresh 92.7 airwaves on Tuesday, October 6 at the usual time of 7-9pm.

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