Rapper and Meme superstar Lil Xan has put his fans at ease over the curiosity surrounding his recent hospitalisation, by revealing that the medical emergency actually came as the result of chowing down on too many Hot Cheetos.

Xan clarified in an Insta vid posted to his account yesterday the the hospital visit had nothing to do with ‘drugs’ but ’twas all the fault of the famously tasty burning balls themselves.

‘I guess I ate too many hot Cheetos and it ripped something open in my stomach, and I puked a little blood. But we all good’ He explains in the vid.

Presumably Xan was simply eating his feelings. It has been a big year for the guy – what with being dumped by Miley Cyrus’s little sister shortly after becoming the squashed face meme guy.

But he reckons the overdose won’t have any effect on his Total Xanarchy tour, which kicks off in New York City on Wednesday.