Have you ever wondered what makes us truly happy?

For a lot of us, it’s that mandatory Macca’s run after a night out or when we see our pet pooch after a long day’s work.

UniSA’s MOD is exploring this concept further in its third exhibition, HEDONISM, combining art and science on a quest to discover our greatest pleasures.

With only ONE MONTH to go, this free, highly interactive exhibition presents the things that we can do to feel good for a lifetime, and not just in those temporary moments.

With seven rooms to explore, HEDONISM focuses on the modern notions of pleasure and knuckles down on what makes us feel good in the 21st Century.

Whether you want to know what makes us happy at work, in our social circles, with our hobbies or just our general wellbeing, HEDONISM has you covered.

Expect to be surrounded by real and fake plants as well as the sounds and smells of nature in an attempt to assess their impact on our mood.


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Learn about social media and our interactions with other people, discover how to make exercise fun (yes, it can be done), and also how to navigate consent in relationships.

Witness the Hedonometer, a huge hanging light sculpture that translates a daily public Twitter feed into a happiness scale measured by different coloured lights.

Updating in real time as Tweets come through, the lights turn pink (happy), white (neutral) and blue (sad) based on the words used in Tweets, representing how the world is feeling that day.

So, if you’re curious about what you can do to contribute to your lifelong journey of pleasure and wellbeing, visit the Hedonism exhibition at the MOD building at UniSA.

But hurry, there’s only one month left to go!

WHAT: Hedonism exhibition

WHERE: MOD building at UniSA

WHEN: May – November 2019


Image credit: MOD Facebook page 

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