As the world is in isolation right now, Vicious Recordings has a new opportunity for aspiring music artists or those who just want to learn a new skill with ‘Locked Down? Learn’ online seminars!

‘Locked Down? Learn’ will be providing a series of four hour-long weekly workshop chat sessions that will hosted by the Vicious and Be Rich A&R and label team. These free music industry-focused webinars will allow you to learn more about the dance music industry from the comfort of your home. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions about each week’s topic at the end of each session.  You’ll hear directly from the people whose daily job is developing, releasing and promoting dance and electronic music.

Vicious Recordings have been in operation for over 25 years, with over 800 releases, this independent label collective has previously signed and released artists, including Peking Duk, Madison Avenue, Avicii, The Potbelleez and many more.  Vicious also recently released Sgt Slick’s new hit track: ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme.’

If you want to explore ‘Locked Down? Learn’ further, a summary of each session is provided below, and if you want to get involved and learn more about the music industry, click here!

  • Week One: A&R SESSION – Thursday 23rd April (9:30 am Adelaide)
    Artists and repertoire are the backbone of the music business.  In the first lesson of ‘Locked Down? Learn’, various industry basics will be explored, which includes: getting your music ready for a label, as an Artist getting your music released and the basics of A&R and how labels sign artists and music.
    On the Panel: Vicious & Be Rich A&R team
  • Week Two: MARKETING SESSION – Thursday 30th April (6:30 pm Adelaide)
    Gain insights into the important tools of marketing & PR, why is it important and what can you do to make this aspect of your career better.
    On the Panel: Vicious & Be Rich Marketing team and PR guest Angie Young from Xposed Media
  • Week Three: MANAGEMENT SESSION – Thursday 7th May (9:30 am Adelaide)
    Think you need a manager? Find out what they do and how they get paid.  Do you need one manager? In this session, you’ll learn the differences between a Tour Manager, a Booking Manager, and an Artist Manager.
    On the Panel: Vicious & Be Rich Label Managers and Marketing Manager
  • Week Four: THE BUSINESS BEHIND THE MUSIC – Thursday 14th May (6:30 pm Adelaide)
    In the final lesson, find out how Artists get paid, how record deals work, basic Publishing and how labels earn income.  You can also learn about Public Performances, Royalties, flat fees, Advances, time frames.
    On the Panel: Vicious & Be Rich Business Affairs and Account Manager
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