It’s easy to overlook the local acts during Fringe with world renowned comedians coming down to the city. Digging a little deeper into the Fringe guide and you can find talented local comedians who don’t just tell their token Adelaide joke about our love of flavoured milk drinks or our 30 minute time zone difference. Law and Disorder is just such an example of local talent.

Law and Disorder is your own personalized improvised episode of Law and Order. Before the show the performers asked the audience questions to be possible plot elements for the improvised comedy sketch.

The show happened in Gluttony’s cosy La Petite Grande tent. The space filled out nicely with packed crowd of about 50. The show followed the story of an inept detective and an even more inept private investigator solving a mysterious murder.  Other memorable characters included a rookie cop, grouchy police chief and a heavy drinking Russian Bartender and his flirtatious wife.

The improvised elements at times wer chaotic but it was more than made up for by the unique and serendipitous moments of comedy brilliance that had the audience laughing through the hour long performance.

Improv comedy is definitely not everyone cup of tea but if you enjoy it Law and Disorder is recommended.

Law and Disorder plays 11-15th of march at Gluttony. Tickets via fringe tix


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