Oooh, we really do love ourselves a bit of local awesomeness. Even more proof that Adelaide has some absolute quality just bursting out of it one of our absolute faves Lauren Neko has just dropped her newbie on to our laps, and let us tell you, it’s real, real good. It’s the lead single off her brand new upcoming album Spaces in the Dark. Not only is this a killer Vocal-House choon but it comes packaged with a super fun ultra-violet video featuring body-paint and black light and delves into the the interaction between two people making the audience a participant and motivation for the song.

Lauren drafted in all sorts of talent for both the track and the vid. Music is supported by the likes of Sydney bassist Jeremy Goldfinch (who is featured throughout the clip) and another Adelaide talent Street Level, (aka Paul Alexander AUS) fine tuned Lauren’s superb voice to manipulate the production in a French Retro House stylee akin to maestro Fred Falke’s production.

Not content with just the video here the album once released will be developed into a full live UV stage show featuring Lauren’s vocals and DJ with Cameron Bury on Drums, and Jeremy Goldfinch on Bass Guitar. The ethos here seems to be looking and relishing the past while also looking deep into the future, think future funk and 80’s hedonism. Anyway, that’s enough from us, check out the video below.

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