Any producer with a bit of experience under their belt will tell you that success in the electronic music industry takes more than a killer track. Sure, the music should always be the central focus for an artist, but it takes a lot of hard work and business sense to market that banger. This is where Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) comes in. The five-day conference brings together 2000 DJ’s from across the globe to participate in over 300 events designed to share knowledge and help producers to network with their industry peers. Amsterdam is the perfect venue as The Event is able to make use of 80 clubs and venues in a city renowned for its nightlife and love of electronic beats.


This year, local Adelaide artist Lauren Neko attended The Event. In between networking and soaking up industry know-how, she found time to blog some of her thoughts and observations from the five days of the conference. To kick things off, Lauren describes the sort of people drawn to ADE,

managers, media, technology suppliers and every industry head imaginable was in attendance… along with some of the most influential artists of the last twenty years

That last part was meant sincerely, as Lauren later mentioned hanging out with Dave Clarke, Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed and Derrik May. At one point, she even bumped into Jazzy Jeff in the stairwell of a boutique bar (as you do!).


One of the hot issues at ADE was “The Future of Digital Downloads and Streaming”; a hot topic within the music industry in general. For this discussion, Lauren heard from Dave Clarke and Paul Oakenfold, along with executives from Spotify, Beatport and SW4. This informative lineup demonstrates the power of ADE in filling a room with some of the most knowledgeable and powerful identities in electronic music to tackle the problems confronting their industry. In the same series, Lauren participated in discussions of “How to Stay in the Game for Over 20 Years”, and “The Future of EDM”.


From the EDM discussion, Lauren shared her predictions for the future direction of this booming genre. She says,

If predictions are true, it seems the U.S. led ‘EDM’ movement will migrate to Deep House

Although she feels that this shift (already observable in recent Beatport charts) will upset some dedicated fans of Deep House, Paul Oakenfold stated,

…really it should make these sounds and cultural movements stronger. Again, dance music is popular like during the ’90s and we should embrace that.

It wasn’t all work for Lauren, however. She did find time to enjoy some of the local musical talent, drop into the cafes and catch up with her fellow artists. At the end of the five days, Lauren had these words of wisdom to impart,

collaboration is the key to building the networks, cultural movements, sounds and events, particularly in the underground. So continue to embrace your local artists and sounds, and work together to make the industry and the music more outstanding than it is

Here’s an example of Lauren Neko practicing what she preaches and collaborating. Do You is a joint effort from Lauren and Shane Blitz.

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