Lamb creeped into our eardrums in the 1990’s along with a wave of Trip Hop acts including Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky. With the angelic vocals of female singer-songwriter Lou Rhodes and the eclectic beats of producer Andy Barlow, Lamb have evolved their sound and expanded their musical diversity over 20 years and 6 albums.

In their first visit to Adelaide, Lou & Andy were joined on stage by bassist Jon Thorne and the tight trio delivered a powerful 100 minute set at Fowlers Live dominated by bass heavy tracks from their 2014 release “Backspace Unwind”.

Songs such as “As Satellites Go By”, “What Makes Us Human” and current single “We Fall In Love” start as haunting ballads and build up slowly with luscious melodies and catchy breakbeats. The stand out new track – “Seven Sails” – delivered soaring vocals over an industrial, Drum & Bass influenced broken beat.

And there was plenty of classic Lamb tracks to keep the dedicated crowd of diehard fans happy. Drum & Bass numbers “B Line”, “God Bless” and “Little Things” whipped the crowd into a frenzy while “Strong The Root” and signature tune “Gorecki” delivered the trip hop cool.

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Fan favourites “Gabriel”, “What Sound” and show-closer “Trans Fatty Acid” had everyone enthralled with slow haunting vocals at the start before ending on explosive, wild jamming crescendos featuring some awesome live drumming by both Andy & Lou.

Lamb perfectly blur the lines of Electronica, Drum & Bass and Trip Hop. Their musicianship and genre-hopping style of emotive vocals over atmospheric soundscapes and bass grooves will satisfy any musical appetite.

Setlist: In Binary, We Fall in Love, Butterfly Effect, Little Things, As Satellites Go By, Backspace Unwind, Strong The Root, What Makes Us Human, Gabriel, B Line, God Bless, Seven Sails. Encore: What Sound, Gorecki, Trans Fatty Acid

Words by Ramy

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