Creativity comes from all sorts of spaces. People find inspiration from many different areas but one thing proves constant, inspiration often comes from collaboration. Some of the most original music comes out of those deep and dirty sessions when two or more minds get together in a studio and start pushing the boundaries.

A perfect example would have to be the recent hook up between Kiesza & Djemba Djemba. It’s a bit of a dream team when you think about it. Kiesza’s high La Roux like vocals appeared on her huge hit Hideaway and Mad Decent hit maker Djemba Djemba has been carving up the place with remixes for the likes of Banks and RL Grime and original tracks including Oh OK Yeah That’s Cool and Look at Me Now.  Put these two together and blam, dynamite.


In a recent interview over at InTheMix the two spoke honestly about working together on their huge crossover track Give it to the Moment. We know you love it because it recently maxed out at #1 on our Vital 25 show. It’s a neat package of swiftly delivered vocals backed by Djemba Djemba’s credible bass beats and the whole package has massive appeal to all sorts of audiences.

Kiesza is no slouch having penned tracks for huge stars including Rihanna, Icona Pop and even Kylie Minogue and this level of writing means that she has both the credibility as a writer but also knows what works in the musical landscape, speaking with ITM on the process of writing she opened up: “When I started becoming a songwriter, I realised that I loved the creation process. If I was writing something for someone like Rihanna, I’d give my voice more of a raspy sound, a bit more timbre. Sometimes I didn’t know I had these voices in me… [But] what excites me as a musician is creating new styles and sounds…”

Chatting with ITM Djemba Djemba (real name Andrew Swanson) also gave his thoughts on collaborating on the track: “I wanted to try something new, but often it’s tough when you do something [different] with a vocalist, because usually they’re scared of the sound. But things are changing, and I think Kiesza is one of those artists who are really open to new sounds, so it just kind of worked…

Worked is an understatement,this one has legs and is still riding the wave of success. It’s also got a great vid and we’ll keep smashing this one as long as you keep telling us how much you love it.

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