Friday, June 3 marked the day of action for Community Radio stations across the country to make some noise and take action to restore funding for digital community radio. While we’ve received support from Labor, The Greens, The Nick Xenophon Team and nearly 55,000 of you across the country, we’re still facing an uneasy future. There’s still time for you to add your voice to the cause and make a difference!

If you don’t listen to Fresh 92.7 on digital radio at the moment, you probably will be within the next few years. Much like digital TV has pretty much completely replaced its analogue predecessors, digital radio is the way forward for the radio industry as a whole, and it’s already a key part of the way some of us listen to radio right now.

Which is why the recent Federal Budget has kind of shafted us. Released on Tuesday, 3 May, the Budget contains cuts of $1.4m p.a., funding that currently keeps community radio stations broadcasting on digital in 5 capital cities. If those funds aren’t reinstated, that makes life harder for us – and it poses a major risk for a lot of other community radio stations across the country if they can’t pay for it themselves.

This Saturday marks the Federal Election, and whoever wins government, we need the funding for community radio stations across the country reinstated. Community radio plays an incredibly important role in all of our lives and we want to be there for you for years to come! Add your voice to the Keep the Community in Your Radio campaign and sign the petition. Then, get your friends, family and everyone else you know to sign it, and let’s get our voices heard!

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