Okay, let’s talk karaoke. Somehow you’ve been swindled by your Tinder date into a few drinks and a romantic ballad to get loins going but next thing you know, you’re up there alone, eight beers deep & flailing about to the Oasis classic ‘Wonderwall’. Heck, the shirt’s off & your date? Yeah they left hours ago. Karaoke takes another victim.

But hey that’s not to say murdering the classics in a drunken rampage can’t be your thing. It is a LOT of fun. But at least with this show, your pig-like squeals are drowned out by the masses of other people out to smash a few beers and sing a bit of Bon Jovi. Oh yes my friends, the late night Garden party Massaoke is back at The Box tent with their show Massaoke Mixtape & it is exactly how it sounds – Mass Karaoke.

So maybe it’s not quite a moving or profound Fringe show made to change your life, but it sure as hell is a bloody good way to kickstart the weekend. We’re talking a 3-hour live music set where you can come and go as you please because they know you need to keep those drinks topped up & probably need a bathroom break. And did we mention the words are projected onto the screen so you can sing along? Yeah baby, this is the pinnacle of art and we have never had so much fun.

You’re gonna hear a bit of Farnham, Queen and all your classic ‘hairbrush anthems’ to release that inner superstar. And just a fair warning, you’re gonna have a lost voice in the morning, clothes covered in beer from all the sloshed drinks and an absolutely great night.

Four stars!

Show: Massaoke Mixtape

Venue: The Box at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Duration: 3 hr

Tickets available here.

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