‘What If?’ can be a dangerous question for art. Art is made, and to say ‘what if?’ is to question the work itself, to dare to say YOU could have done it better, that the creator made an error in judgement. However, done right, ‘what if?’ is a thought experiment, a way not to insult the creator but to play around in the world they created. This is the case in ‘Juliet & Romeo’, currently playing for the Adelaide Festival; a story that looks at Shakespeare’s two classic characters, if they hadn’t tragically died, but gone on to be married and middle-aged.

The play is told through the lens of marriage counselling, looking into the past at key moments that have left the love we know as an audience from the classic tale, now passionless and struggling to stay afloat. No matter your personal experience this dialogue of counselling becomes so relatable as the audience sees where the cracks lie, not in the truth or lies.

One of the biggest shocks of the show is that it isn’t purely dialogue it’s an amazing mix of spoken word alongside choreography and music. Genres and styles are blended in way that will make you equal parts laugh and cry. However, what ever part of the show draws you in the most, be it comedy or drama, the jump between dramatic moments of honesty about a couple way past their prime coupled with the levity surrounding it will have you holding your breath in one moment and trying to catch it in another. A definite recommend.

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