Windback Wednesday host Jimmy C chats to old school Freshie fav DJ JoSH, as they reminisce about the early days of Fresh 92.7 and the local electronic music scene in Adelaide. DJ JoSH has been DJing for a mind-blowing 34 years! She was an integral part of the dance music scene in the 90s and 00s, and a pioneer for the station.

In this interview, DJ JoSH explains her roots and signature vocal trance sound, the challenges that she and the station faced, iconic moments during her career, as well as playing her favourite tracks from the past 20 years.

She said, “Getting a 24/7 licence around that time was quite difficult because of the culture of the time. Dance music wasn’t all that well looked-upon by local Adelaidians and the older generation, but the great team of people that we had… put together the actual document that helped get Fresh the… licence. One of the biggest hurdles [we faced] was trying to get some credibility… and it’s wonderful to see that the station is where it is at today.

DJ JoSH selected some of her all-time favourite tracks, and explained just how significant each one is to her.

Castles in the Sky by Ian Van Dahl:This song was one of my favourites when it came out. I was very much a trance DJ, my Pleasure Session show was based around trance and really uplifting music. Castles in the Sky was one of those songs that everybody knows the words to and it’s really uplifting. I’ve dropped it at audiences the size of 10,000 people and when you see the reaction of songs like this, it makes you happy and puts a smile on your dial.

The Way by Divine Inspiration:This tune I brought back from [interstate]… I dropped it in front of about 12,000 people at Mardi Gras. I got my first Mardi Gras set and I announced it on air as I got the text message from [them]. I had spent 10 years trying to get in to that party… and I dropped this track midway during the set. At Mardi Gras they generally don’t let you see the DJ, [you can only] see the top of their heads, so I pulled a box over and I stood on top of the box and dropped this tune. I had my hands in the air and over 12,000 people just going nuts over this song, and that feeling that you get, it just blew me away. After that set I actually got down from the decks and I cried my eyes out because [it was] that intense, and I brought that song back to Adelaide and it just took off here… as soon as the station got a hold of it. This song just evokes ‘happy happy joy joy’, so if you’re having a bad day today guys, turn this one up.

Listen to the rest of interview below, and check out our Windback Wednesday playlist, hand-pick by DJ JoSH herself!

You can catch her DJing her first Fresh event in 10 years at our 20th Birthday Bash at HQ Complex this June long weekend! Early bird tickets finish THIS WEEK, so get in quick and secure yours today!


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