Jimeoin was one of the first fringe shows I ever saw as a child, making him the first comedian that make me fall in love with comedy. Because of this, I felt I set my expectations pretty high when thinking about what to expect from this year’s show Result. With high standards in place, I can say that without a doubt he definitely reached if not exceeded my expectations.

Having seen and watched him so many times before, I was worried as to whether I would have heard all his jokes but before, but this year Jimeoin entered the Fringe with all brand new material. He speaks about his age and how he’s getting older as well as regular daily tasks and does all this with big facial expressions and his well loved Irish accent.

The vibe of the crowd was very engaged and excited, it was clear that everyone was enjoying themselves, with so many loud chuckles of laughter coming from all over the audience. There were many cases where everyone hadn’t stopped laughing at the last joke, before they were caught up in laughter by the next one. Jimeoin finishes his set by playing a few songs on guitar, and one song in particular, literally had me in tears. I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, while leaving the theatre people were commenting on how they were surprised about just how funny he is in person.

Many years later, after first seeing Jimeoin, I can say with confidence that he’s still got it! Definitely worth 5 stars.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Show: Jimeoin- Result

Venue: Arts Theatre

Duration: 60 mins

Tickets available here

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