The mystique and excitement surrounding this intimate show with one of Techno’s most revered artists was evident from the get go. The club of choice, Sugar, was foggy and tense from 9pm and the warm ups from Babicka (Untzz Twelve Inch) and Phil Rogers (Cuckoo) maintained that tone. However, tonight was all about Jeff Mills, and the locals had the etiquette to realise this.

The blank canvas laid before him allowed Jeff to flex a wealth of music spanning genre and era, a rare insight into The Wizard, a name Jeff once bore as one of the first real DJ’s of House and Techno. This variety of music wouldn’t suit many other venues that the Techno mastermind often frequents, but in the warm confines of this legendary of venues, one of Adelaide’s greatest and most ensuring clubs, it felt like a personal show for each of the two hundred people in attendance.

Words cannot do justice to the brilliance of watching this mastermind at work. Jeff put on an amazing display of creativity and finesse with meticulous track selection and masterful mixing technique. Truly a night to remember.

Words Bradley Shawyer

Photos Erick E Watson

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