Jake chats with artist, Friendless, about his NEW track ‘Ego Drop’ featuring Jannah Beth!!

The mastermind behind the popular track on the Fresh airwaves, Left 2 Right, is back better than ever with a brand new banger! Friendless, whose real name will probably never be revealed to the public, talks to Jake about what’s in store for his journey as an artist and his collaboration with Jannah.

The two artists were so pleased with the process of Ego Drop that they decided to do a whole 5 track EP too! This song is just a teaser in his FIRST body of work as Friendless, which has allowed him to really explore different sounds.

“We called the EP ‘Fun’, but it should be called mayhem”, says Friendless.

Obviously, the real star of the interview was Friendless’ 10 month old pupper who stole the spotlight…

You can check out the full interview below!

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