2020 has been an absolute shocker for all of us – and our Small Business owners are really feeling it. Whether it’s the pandemic, bushfires, or something completely different, our local battlers need a hand.

That’s why, we here at Fresh 92.7 want you to Get Behind A Business.

Nominations are now open for our Get Behind A Business campaign. You can nominate your own business below, or the business of someone you know.

Each week, Loz & Thomo will highlight a small, local business we want you to get behind. We’ll devote plenty of time on-air and online to telling you who they are, what they’re about, and why they deserve the support of the community about which you can discover more here. From there, it’s over to you – we want you to do what you can to really ‘get behind’ each weeks’ business!

We understand not everyone will be in a position to go off and buy products willy-nilly. It’s been a hard year for everyone. But every little gesture counts – share the post, like them on socials, refer them to friends who you think might like to buy something from them! We’re all in this together, SA, so let’s get behind our small businesses and get behind each-other.

In years gone by, we’ve been blown away by how supportive South Australians have been when we’ve launched initiatives like ‘Give A Little Love’ and ‘Warm Up Adelaide’. 2020 has been an uncertain year, but as we come out of our second ‘lockdown’, the time has come to tap into that community spirit once again and help each-other out in whatever way we can.

First things first: nominate a business using the below form. If successful, someone from Fresh 92.7 will be in touch to organise everything, and Loz & Thomo will announce a new business for SA to get behind each Friday morning. The successful business will get a week of prime on-air and online exposure until a new business is announced the following Friday. Get your nominations in and good luck!

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