Anyone for kick-ons?

Hot Department – After Party is the perfect late-night rush of blood to the head. A fearless and aggressively funny sketch show, this immersive EDM festival experience will give you war flashbacks to a place of neon wristbands, torn Stüssy stringlets, portaloo meltdowns (just me?). Totally funny, queer and loopy.

You might know the duo from Aunty Donna, ABC’s At Home Alone Together, or their cult hit series Stepmom Blues. If you don’t, you know someone like them – a twisted pair of pals with a complicated sexual dynamic on a mission to hit peak party.

A cheekily poignant homage to the beauty of friendship and the struggle to fit in? Sketch has no need to pull at my heartstrings! And yet, between a game of “Pass The Baby” and an act of quasi-pornography, this hilarious and munted piece of alt-comedy gold had me ascending. It may have been the sparkly Lycra and yelling.

It’s just audience-interactive enough, with each snapshot of the drugged and dazed besties interweaving with ease. Honor and Patrick’s chemistry shines in the quieter moments, with both giving a (Natalie Portman’s) Masterclass™ in physical comedy, hilarious writing and infectious, childlike enthusiasm.

This show is for the party purveyors of the world, the Kristinas et al. who refuse to let the vibe sour, they pour shots, they craft a beer bong from only a Kmart air humidifier. They will cry later. Hot Department is the place to celebrate the drive, the hustle of keeping the party alive and will indeed make you want to go even harder.

Verdict: ★ ★ ★ ★

Name of show: Hot Department – After Party

Venue: Umbrella Revolution @ The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Duration: 55 mins

Tickets: Full Price: $30.00 BankSA Cardholder: $22.50 Midweek Treat: $20.00 Concession: $25.00

Tickets available here.

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