Comedian, Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage Tuesday night whilst performing at the Hollywood Bowl as part of Netflix’s Is A Joke Festival.

According to reports, 23-year-old, Isaiah Lee had been seen wielding a replica gun with a knife hidden inside moments before he invaded the stage, attempting to tackle and subsequently attack the comedian in front of the crowd.

A video recorded by a concertgoer later showed the suspect dodging multiple security personnel before running towards the back of the stage where he was later apprehended.

Chappelle was thankfully unharmed from the incident, returning to the microphone minutes later to reassure a worrying crowd. Chappelle was grateful in thanking his close friend, Jamie Foxx who had supported him, reassuring his safety and shown willingness to protect the comedian from any further attacks.

Comedian, Chris Rock, who had performed right before Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl ironically joked about the encounter by taking the mic, making a snarky “Is that Will Smith?” remark.

This all occurred just over a month since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage while Rock was hosting the Oscars where many paid attention to Smith’s dangerous mentality and the overall issue of comedian assaults on stage committed by spectators.

Videos have emerged showing the attacker being escorted to an ambulance on a stretcher due to the injuries he obtained while he was apprehended. Some of the injuries he suffered were a twisted arm and a bloody eye.

In the aftermath, the attacker has been detained in jail on a $30,000 bond.

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