So in case you’ve been living underneath a big ol’ rock (a rock without clean wifi access), you’ve probably been exposed to the whole Yanny VS Laurel audio debacle.
If not, here’s a brief explanation.

Yesterday, an inexplicably bamboozling audio file started to circulate the internet. It’s an audio bite of a (human?) saying a word. Some hear the word as Laurel; some hear the word as Yanny. Hell, some are even claiming to hear the word as Yowie but let’s not bother with those freaks.

After the audio’s circulation, no one was safe from its polarizing waves. Not in the least the Fresh 927 office which was literally thrown into an ugly and segregated Yanny VS. Laurel row.

This morning Loz and Thomo played out some of the carnage from the Fresh office, and then enlisted the help of Fresh’s sound engineer Marty to try and explain the witchcraft behind why we’re all hearing it differently.

Listen below!

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