Jimmy is an outgoing, confident lad who has NEVER been single. Apparently not even when he was 4. #heartbreaker.

He describes himself as adaptable, respectful and likeable, however his “best mate” Boxy describes him as emotionally controlling and a closet player. Apparently, if he wasn’t with his misso right now, he’d be all over the field! But he’s insanely committed, so you’re safe ladies of Adelaide.

Boxy reckons he’s fun, perceptive and apparently everyone says he’s “cute”.

Jimmy reckons Boxy is antagonistic, fun and loves systems. (What a combo!!!) Apparently, just like Oprah, Boxy is always seeking to be the best version of himself.

Whatever sappy crap you may have read above, these guys are HILARIOUSLY talented and armed with many a story about the chaotic and mental antics they get up to as best mates and business partners.

They came to us as punters in the Job Swap promotion we ran. As owners of First Things First drive-thru coffee, Cam and Alex hit their business before Jimmy and Boxy hit the Fresh airwaves and KILLED IT! We got a heap of texts from Adelaide telling us how awesome they thought the guys were, so we gave them their own show!

Here’s a sneak peak and what you can expect from the guys in their brand new show, Early Early Knock Off’s with Jimmy and Boxy. Fridays at 2pm, on Fresh 92.7.


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