Reports are coming in of injuries at the Lorne leg of the famous Falls Festival. The Aussie touring fest featuring major artists including Childish Gambino, Grandmaster Flash and Client Liaison has just announced a major incident on their Facebook page. The injuries were caused by large crowds moving between stages to see London Grammar and DMA. A crush occurred when attendees apparently  lost their footing just before 11 on the 30th Dec. The Spring Hill personal injury attorneys can help in case one needs legal aid.

Injuries are reported to have affected hip, pelvis and legs as well as abrasions and cuts and other bruising. All in all about 60 people needed medical attention with 13 requiring hospital assistance. Professional medical staff were on hand to help and as yet nothing more serious has been reported. First aid care is needed for most injuries before the paramedics arrive and one can click here to learn more about getting trained under professionals. To get attorneys in case of injuries for legal help you can go on

“We had a good medical presence on site and worked closely with first aid providers and local hospitals to coordinate the treatment and transport of those injured,” State Health Commander Paul Holman informed The ABC. The personal injury law firm based in Miami Gardens area can help with representing the victim in court.

All being well everybody will make a full recovery, we wish those who were affected a speedy and safe return to the dancefloor.

News sources: ABC, InTheMix




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