This show really steps it up a notch in the category of cabaret/burlesque, and how do they do it? By getting professionals to fight on stage for the crowd’s cheers!

Eight contestants are chosen before the show and are not told who they’re versing until they’re on stage about to battle it out. There’s no actual violence (mostly), it’s a fight for approval from the audience while they do their thing. Combat cosplay is the theme – however this clothing quickly comes off when the host yells ROUND 1 and the crowd yells FIGHT and the music starts. Burlesque performances are normally quite wild, with the performer showing off their flexibility and sexiness, but when they’re competing on the same stage at the same time, the dial is turned up!

Both competitors are also given a ‘weapon’ for each round and are able to do as they please with it to give themselves the advantage. Given its non-violent nature, the performers find creative ways to get the crowd’s attention and to keep their eyes peeled on them.

The winner of each round is decided by the noise levels in the crowd, which is digitally monitored for fairness. So if you’re keen to get involved, sit towards the back so you can smash your feet on the platforms, those things are LOUD, as well as cheer at the top of your lungs. There are other forms of audience participation too, with a round of ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ played by 2 chosen show-goers. By the looks of it, some people come dressed for this occasion, so if you want a shot at this you might need to get their attention by doing the same!

The show is sexy, loud and fun, and a bit weird at times, especially the pop culture themed round where the combat attire is swapped for something we all know, but didn’t expect to see like this…

At $35 for a 90 minute show starting at 11:10pm, this is a great end to your Friday or Saturday night at the Fringe, heaps of fun.


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Photo Credit: Immoral Kombat Adelaide Fringe Show page

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