Move over Oprah, Ellen and Kerri-Anne it’s time for The Jack and Annie Show to get the airtime it rightfully deserves!

The Jack and Annie Show is the attempt of best friends, Jack and Annie, to create the greatest talk show of all time. This attempt results in comedic genius that pokes fun at the clichés and common imperfections of the morning talk show format you’d be familiar with if you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes in the doctors waiting room.

The show is overly camp and absurd – but in a good way. Every single second had me questioning what on earth would happen next. What would the next segment be? Who will be unveiled as the next talk show sponsor? What type of dancing would Jack or Annie have a crack at performing next? In short it is silly, bonkers and unpredictable.

The chemistry between both Jack and Annie is overly strong, it reminded me of the chemistry I have with my besties. The comedic timing is also nearly perfect, bouncing off of each other with ease. It literally felt like you were in on all the inside jokes they were spilling. The audience absolutely ate this up with consistent roars of laughter across the Inparrinthi Space.

The thing I loved most about this show was the way it poked fun at something we all grew up watching. The little touches like the promise of a giveaway, the life advice segments, and the overarching pushed assurance of a big-name guest throughout the show (even though you’d be surprised Anne Hathaway didn’t make the cut). If you’re a fan of the ABC show Get Krack!n then your guaranteed for an almost non-stop hour of laughter.

Today Extra and The Morning Show better watch out cause The Jack and Annie Show is a ratings hit 4.5 out of 5 stars!

The Jack and Annie Show is running til the 7th of March at the Inparrinthi Space in the Tandanya Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Tix available here!

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