By Ben Palmer

The Adelaide 36ers 91 headed to Melbourne to take on United 94 on Thursday night at the Hisense Arena.

Jamaar Wilson starred for the Sixers with a double double (22 points, 10 rebounds) while NBA import Brock Motum knocked back 19 points as well.

But it wasn’t enough as Adelaide just fell short of the margin.

The start looked to be a repeat of the two team’s last encounter as Melbourne raced off to a very strong start.

With superb shooting United had a 12-2 lead within the first couple minutes of the first quarter.

Back two back three’s by David Barlow (11 points, 2 rebounds) and Daniel Kickert (22 points, 4 rebounds) pushed the lead out early before a hook shot over Brock Motum forced Joey Wright to make an early timeout.

After the timeout was called Adelaide cut the lead back to just four points after three consecutive threes.

The first two by play Maker Jamaar Wilson, before Brock Motum (19 points, 3 rebounds) also chimed in from way down town.

And by the end of a fiery first quarter Wilson levelled the score at 31 a piece after dancing his way into the paint, before leaning back and putting back the floater.

In the third a blackout inside the stadium caused a stop of play just three minutes in while Melbournes Jordan McRae (23 points, 4 rebounds) was at the foul line.

After play was able to continue it was Adelaide who first took advantage as a wide open Brendan Teys (9 points, 4 rebounds) buried the three to have scores level at 55 all.

Though, Melbourne was able to steady after Jordan McRae headed for the ring, slicing through Adelaide’s defence and putting in off the glass.

The Shooting Guard then provided more brilliance right on the three quarter time buzzer.

With only a second left on the clock he managed to fend off Wilson before unwinding from outside the arc to push the lead back to 12 points.

In the fourth it was do or die for the Sixers, a situation they’ve seen more times then what they’d liked to have so far this season.

Luke Schenscher (4 points, 2 rebounds) pulled out the mid-range jumper from just outside the key, which was shortly followed by a coast to coast run by Mitch Creek (11 points, 4 rebounds), cutting the lead down to eight.

From here Adelaide’s defence stiffened as they didn’t allowed Melbourne enter the key like they had previously.

This proved well for Adelaide after Creek was able to recover the rebound before again running the length of the court and cut the lead down to just 4 points.

And with just over a minute left on the clock Motum stood tall after receiving the ball inside the key from Captain Adam Gibson, just looping the ball into the ring.

And this game went down to the wire.

Missed shot by Gibson was then followed by the rebound, but Melbournes Kickert picked up the defense rebound to send the ball to the other end.

Adelaide did what they could and sent KIckert to the foul line to who scored both their free throws.

With seconds on the clock Adelaide had one final play, but just fell short, losing by just four points.

Melbourne United: 94 (McRae 23, Kickert 22, Barlow 11, Dennis 11)

Adelaide 36ers: 91 (Wilson 22, Motum 19, Creek 11, Teys 9)

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