SUPER CRUEL’s brand new single is a chilled and funky beat readying us all for summer fun! Together with Hazlett’s vocals, the duo have released the track ‘Me + You’ a year from their popular single ‘Sicklaced’ featuring CXLOE from 2017, which reached over 1.5 million downloads.

The duo comprised of Tigerilla from Adelaide and Porches from Sydney have worked with some big names in the past like Lisa Mitchell and are only growing from there. The Australian born talents are putting Adelaide on the map and are pumped to announce this new track.

Excited to work with new artists, SUPER CRUEL said “this song started as a new friendship with Hazlett, which grew through our journey of creating this song”.

Hazlett had equal excitement about the collaboration, “this was a new process for me” that eventuated in breaking “each other out of our own music bubbles.” The meshing of the two very different styles is what led to something so special; “the fact that a chord strummer like me can create something with beat wizards like these guys is something really cool”.

So, check out their new track as well as their stuff from their debut, because there is no doubt there will be some big stuff coming from SUPER CRUEL in the future!

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