Well… what a week. First we went into the most severe lockdown we’ve ever seen, now we’re coming out of it earlier than expected!

The news may be exciting, but it’s still a dangerous and uncertain time for Adelaide right now. As a community station Fresh’s number one priority is you, the listener and we’ll always be there for you in trying times. We will get through this period and Fresh will be there with you every step of the way!

However, we’ve had to take steps to keep our volunteers, and the wider community, safe. That means the station will sound a little different this weekend, but only a little bit: we’ve managed to keep most of your favourite shows on-air. Unfortunately, we’ve also had to pull our ‘Home Schoolies Station Takeover’ will this Saturday, but we hope to reschedule for another date soon!

What’s happening during the day?

This weekend, there won’t be any announcers on during the day. The Vital 25 has also been cancelled this weekend.

We rely on a lot of volunteers to come in and announce, especially on weekend, and that many people using the same space is a huge risk factor.

On the plus side, weekday programming has been going ahead as per normal! Loz and Thomo will wake you up, Johnny will get you through the day and Cale will take you through the drive home (or lack thereof). Listen in for a great way to distract yourself in this unprecedented time but also to hear the latest news and updates, in the easiest to understand format, coming from the state government.

Your favourite weekend announcers, and the Vital 25, are scheduled to return from Saturday November 28.

What about specialty shows?

We have a lot of specialty shows, and a lot of DJs and presenters behind those specialty shows. We can’t physically have everyone in the building, but thankfully, it’s 2020 and many of our DJs can record new shows safely from home!

We’re also pleased to announce that some live announcers will start to return once the lockdown is relaxed next week.

This weekend, all of your specialty shows will go to air as planned. Some of them have recorded new shows, others have prepared special encore editions. Either way, you’ll still get the music fix you need to get you through these strange times.

What happened to Home Schoolies?

Unfortunately, Fresh 92.7 has had to make the decision to postpone the Home Schoolies On-Air Takeover planned for Saturday, November 21.

Our heart goes out to all South Australian Year 12s, who have had an extremely challenging year. The Home Schoolies On-Air Takeover was a collaboration with the State Government, designed to support our Year 12s and give them a soundtrack for their at-home celebrations, given the cancellation of the official Schoolies festival.

In light of the State Government’s Stay-At-Home order, we do not feel it is appropriate to continue with the Home Schoolies On-Air Takeover. We would rather hold this activation when it is safe for our Year 12s to gather and celebrate. Our priority over the coming days is to inform and entertain the community while they uphold the directions of the ‘Circuit Breaker,’ which will still be in full effect this Saturday.

Further, Fresh 92.7 must care for its own staff and volunteers, and have ordered all but a very small core team of on-air and news personnel to work remotely. We had a large team of announcers, producers and DJs assembled for the Home Schoolies On-Air Takeover, and we do not feel it would be safe to have them in the studios this weekend.

Fresh 92.7 remains committed to supporting our Year 12s, and we are planning to hold the Home Schoolies On-Air Takeover as soon as it is safe to do so.

We have already initiated the process of contacting the winners of the competition associated with the Home Schoolies campaign. We will be making alternative arrangements with the winners, so that we can help them hold an amazing ‘Home Schoolies’ party at a later date.

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