In less than a few days, Adelaide’s time to shine is back with a welcoming return of the Fringe! So if you find yourself stumped with no plans for February 14th, especially if you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other, there will be plenty of diverse acts and opening ceremonies to participate in as the 60th Anniversary of the Fringe officially kicks off for 2020.

The Garden of Unearthly Delights Opening Night Party

Adelaide’s biggest cultural playground will open to the public on Thursday night, right before the Fringe officially kicks off! Beginning at 7:30 pm, the Garden will provide a FREE taste-test of some of their acts through some live music and performances during the night. You’ll also get to see one of the newest attractions, 1000 Doors, made from the masterminds behind the House of Mirrors. The Garden of Unearthly Delights can be found at Rundle Park.

Best Of British Live Comedy

Giant Sing Along

Yabarra – Dreaming in Light 

A unique indoor cultural experience to engage, immerse and educate all who share the dreaming in light. After the Tindo Utpurndee – Sunset Ceremony, the official opening of the Yabarra will provide a story for the senses, as projected through light and sound to guide the audience through an interactive cultural landscape, sharing stories of Kaurna country along Tarndaparri.

Photo: Andre Castellucci

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