Looking for things to do this weekend? Well, Music SA’s Umbrella: Winter City Sounds festival officially kicked off last week and will continue all throughout South Australia until the 28th of July.

While we’re almost one week finished for Umbrella fest, there are still so many awesome events to check out, most of which are this weekend and will bring out a diverse range of local and international music and entertainment.

  • Producers Series (Finishing on the 18th of July) 

Wondering what the deal is with that large studio in Rundle Mall? Well, to clarify the confusion, that space is apart of ‘The Producers Series‘, which showcases the creative process of making music while shoppers walk past. But just in case you want to stop and listen, there are headphones that will allow you to see and listen to artists work their magic. Tomorrow is the Producers Series last day, so be sure to swing by and have a look!

  • Girls Rock! Adelaide Showcase (20th of July)

Back in March, we talked about Girls Rock! Adelaide as they were fundraising for their brand new camp. Across these school holidays, Girls Rock! Adelaide has been mentoring young students and will be showing off their talents with a variety of original songs. Be sure to check out these new rock stars at the University of Adelaide UniBar at 1 pm. Tickets are available here.

  • Cry Baby Fest (20th of July) 

Celebrating their first birthday, Cry Baby will be taking over Solomon Street with a FREE festival. The night will have six bands, including Kingswood as the headline, as well as food stalls, pop-ups, and outdoor bars. During the night, there will be a visit from the Punk Crawl that will be going from pub to pub in West End. This mini-fest will be limited to 1,500 people, so if this sounds like a banger to you, be sure to get in QUICK. Cry Baby Fest will start at 4 pm and finish at 11 pm.

  • Sconefest 2019 (21st of July) 

To bring the weekend to a finish, be sure to have a look at the musical ‘jam’, Sconefest 2019. Taking place in the North Adelaide Community Centre, the day will include a variety of South Australian music, both new and old. And of course, there will be scones and tea provided by the Country Women’s Association of South Australia. Sconefest 2019 will start at 2 pm at the North Adelaide Community Centre. Tickets are available here.

We have previously given details for some more events from Umbrella Fest, including the upcoming festival Scouted and Retro Rave! For the full 2019 Umbrella: Winter City Sounds program, click here.


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