Last Friday, the Brekky crew asked Adelaide a very simple question: “How did you meet your partner?”

Yeah, so absolutely not the most original brekky content by any stretch, but look guys, sometimes by Friday the well’s run dry.

Luckily for the pair, they actually received a couple calls. In fact, they received a very special call from a woman named Sonya.

Sonya shared the lovely tale of how she met her partner of eight years, Cassie. The story was in fact so lovely, that Loz and Thomo rewarded Sonya with a $50 voucher to the Elephant British Pub.

End of story, right? Wrong you fool!

Cos as it turns out, winning this voucher was the magical sign Sonya was looking for to propose to Cassie. YES THERE IS A PROPOSAL IN THS STORY OMG.

So the pair wined and dined on us, and walked out of the Elephant totally engaged.

It’s heart-warming stuff folks, and let’s be honest, the kind of radio-gold content Loz and Thomo were neither expecting nor deserved.

Listen below to Sonya tell Loz and Thomo how the whole thing unfolded.

Congratulations all round. Loz and Thomo look forward to attending your wedding with their entire families.

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