This morning in what can only be described as A+++ car crash radio, news reader Arj (who we’ve officially dubbed ‘Arj Barger’) decided to force his way into the live studio to share some ‘important information’ with Loz and Thomo.


Naturally tension was high, as under strict radio guidelines no one is ever permitted to enter a live radio studio.


Not unless there’s been some sort of global catastrophe, or the person’s actual groin is on fire and they need Loz to splash out the flames with Red Bull.


But unfortunately, ‘Arj Barger’ didn’t seem to get that memo, and brought with him news so mind-blowingly irrelevant it blew Loz and Thomo into the next dimension.


Listen to it all unfold below, if for no other reason than to hear a man making a terrible life decision on live radio.


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