Well if this story doesn’t warm the cockles of your cold, black heart then you might actually be a robot.

Earlier this week an extremely warm and fuzzy tale emerged involving Harry Hope of ODD MOB and What So Not (aka genuinely good bloke Chris Emerson).

In the lead up to What So Not’s recent album release, Harry decided to take to Facebook to regale a fond memory he’d had of Chris from a few years back.

The tale begins with a series of extremely unfortunate events, involving the ODD MOB duo getting kicked out of their hotel room after a gig, and Harry having his laptop stolen (horror!!)

Harry explains in the post, ‘I was absolutely gutted and started to cry – nothing on that laptop had been backed up, and was essentially years of stuff gone’

But in the midst of the pure lad’s despair, a gallant and noble hero appeared in the form of What So Not.

Chris (sic) comes over and gives me a big old pat on the back. He told me it was all gonna be OK & helped calm me down. Seeing as we had no place to stay now, he (sic) said we could stay in his room and gave us a keycard.’

What a gooooood blooooooke.

The post continues– ‘Later that morning we regrouped outside the hotel complex with some of the other crew from the night before, and who else is there but the devil himself…

He then proceeded to jump into a car as we thanked him greatly for his help the night before..

With a grin and twinkle in his eye he said it was absolutely no problem as the car drove off into the distance.

He says ‘drove off’, we say ‘flew away on a chariot made of angel dust and promises’.

See the full glorious post here: