Millicent is raw, she’s honest, hilarious and most important opinionated. The Friendly Feminism Star is not new to awards for her performances, after performing to a sold-out season and winning 4 Adelaide fringe awards in 2020, The beautiful Millicent comes back to the fringe stage to present Opinionated. Little less friendly, a lot more feminism.

If I’m honest, I think every person should be made to see this show, she perfectly incapsulates sex, feminism, body image and eating disorders into an hour of laughs, songs, and constant reminders she is a licensed lawyer.

If you are anything like me, you would spend the entire show not sure if you wanted to be her, or be best friends with her, the intimate setting and audience participation makes you feel like you’re having a good ol’ feminism chat between mates.

Her raw honesty is something to be admired, Millicent discusses her own imperfections within feminism, her journey through self-love, and crushes the patriarchy whilst still managing to keep her curls perfect.

As a woman, it’s hard not to relate to the experiences and opinions Millicent portrays, she presents systemic discrimination, wage gap issues and oppression whilst holding an optimistic presence and singing with her ukulele.

You’ll meet her misogynistic alter ego, spooky tales of haunted sex toys and a lightning round feministic opinion. This is a show everyone must-see, this show captures what’s good in society, and great at the fringe.

Verdict: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Name of show: Millicent Sarre is Opinionated

Venue: The Lark @ Gluttony Rymill Park

Duration: 60 mins

Tickets Full Price: $32.00 Double Your Applause $64.00

Tickets available

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