If you know or are someone who wants to learn an instrument, create an original song and participate with a band and perform it in front of a live audience, Girls Rock! is providing that very opportunity for girls, trans and non-binary young people in Adelaide.

Girls Rock! is a music camp established across Australia and New Zealand. Each program is independently run by a team of musicians and educators who aim to empower through music education and mentorship. Aimed for an age group between 10-17, Girls Rock! Adelaide provides opportunities to create a band with other campers, choose and learn an instrument (bass, guitar, vocals, drums or electronic music) through masterclasses and instrument instruction, participate in creative workshops and activities, produce a song, and perform live to an audience. They can also perform a Hip Hop musical which is quite popular these days.

Girls Rock! Adelaide is hosting a fundraiser on Saturday the 30th of July to be able to support the fundings for their camp in July 2019.

The fundraiser will feature a massive lineup of South Australian musicians including Dead Roo, Heaps Good Friends, Teenage Joans, Hey Harriett, and Contract Love. The event will also host an after party that will include some local female DJs including Jessi Jacoby (Basementality), Bad Jelly DJs and Jessi Lou (PAK Music).

If you’re interested and want to support this terrific opportunity for future musicians, the Girls Rock! Adelaide Fundraiser will be held at the Lion Arts Factory on Saturday the 30th of March at 2 pm.

Tickets are available here.

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