A record number of people in Adelaide are sleeping on the streets, in the middle of an extremely cold Winter. We want to do a little bit to help change that.

Research via the Don Dunstan Foundation shows that the number of people sleeping rough on our streets has increased by over 150% compared to the same time last year. It’s the middle of Winter, and we’ve all noticed how freezing it is out there. Organisations like the Don Dunstan Foundation’s Zero Project, the Hutt Street Centre and more are doing incredible work with the resources they have, but every little gesture makes a difference.

That’s why Loz & Thomo came up with Warm Up Adelaide – a simple idea where they’d collect the spare scarves, gloves and beanies they had lying around, and tie them to trees, posts and benches around Adelaide for those who need it to take.

We decided to put the word out on air and see who would want to get involved, and the response was quite incredible!

If you are interested in getting your workmates to donate to Warm Up Adelaide, shoot us a text with your name and the name of your workplace (or footy club, or whatever) to 0428 927 927. Please note we have been inundated and we may take some time to get back to you!

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Image via @adel_park_lands_preservation

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