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Heart Beats Fundraiser 2020

To keep the beats pumping, Fresh 92.7 needs some help from the heart. Introducing the Fresh 92.7 Heart Beats Fundraiser! 💙
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Posted by Fresh 92.7 on Thursday, July 30, 2020


If Fresh 92.7 is the ‘Beat Of Adelaide,’ our on-air studio is the beating heart of our station.

Fresh 92.7 has been keeping Adelaide dancing for 22 years now! In that time, we’ve also supported the best electronic music from Adelaide, Australia and around the World, and we’ve produced some of South Australia’s brightest stars – from artists, to presenters, to DJs and journalists. Fresh is more than a station – it’s an institution, a training ground, and a community for all who contribute and listen.

After pumping for over 2 decades, our heart is beating a bit unsteadily and showing signs of wear and tear. Our phone system especially is on life support and needs to be replaced by the end of the year or we’ll have to resort to Morse Code or carrier pigeons!

With COVID-19 impacting on all not for profit organisations like Fresh, our finances have taken a big hit and we can’t do this alone. We need your help.

Our last major fundraiser was three years ago and thanks to those that helped us to ‘Level Up’ we were able to replace our dinosaur IT equipment. We’re looking for South Australia’s help again to
keep us running while we bring our studio up to scratch and replace our outdated phone system which is being turned off in December.

We’ve just launched a GoFundMe to raise the funds we need to make these long overdue upgrades. Please donate if you can – and if you can’t, please help us by sharing this to those who can!

If that’s not enough to encourage you, check out the priceless incentives listed below. (Some have limited availability and once they’re all gone they’re gone. It doesn’t mean you can’t donate that amount, there just won’t be an incentive tied to your donation.)

Heart Beats Fundraiser Rewards

To donate, head here!

The Heart Beats Fundraiser will run from August 3rd to August 16, 2020.

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