After selling out every stop on his national ‘Just Friends’ tour, Hayden James has announced an exclusive show for Adelaide! How good! The thing is, he’s chosen a slightly unorthodox location…

Building off the success of “Just Friends,” which we think is a total tune, the September tour builds on a super impressive year for Hayden James. In amongst finessing his own material in the studio, he’s also co-written material with Katy-bloody-Perry of all people. He’s got a brand new live show to bring to Adelaide, and you’ll be able to see it in…

Bonython Hall.

Yes, Bonython Hall – known to students of the University of Adelaide as that one place they visited in O’Week and then never visited again until their graduation. Definitely not known as a live music venue by any stretch… but hey, it is beautiful. This could work!

“Adelaide you thought I’d forgotten you didn’t you?” said Hayden James, really teasing us about the fact that we always miss out on these things. “Truth is, it took us quite a while to lock this incredible venue in. You often get overlooked, but not this time, I’m saving the best show for last.”

Aw, that’s sweet. Hayden James will play Bonython Hall on Saturday, September 22, and tickets are already over half sold – get on it quick!

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