Look, now that the Queen’s birthday bash is over and we don’t have a public holiday until October I’m feeling a bit blue. This was until I saw that National Fried Chicken Day is just around the corner…

The opportunity to gorge yourself with unlimited chicken nuggets doesn’t come around very often, but on the 6th of July you can eat Adelaide’s best f***ing nuggets (this is literally how they describe the nuggs on their website).

The event will be held by Nugg Lyf and Brew Boys, who will provide the perfect bev to pair with your premium nuggs.

The whole hour will cost $35, which will get you a pint of craft beer or soft drink and yes, god damn unlimited nuggets. White girls are screaming with excitement across Adelaide, I can feel it (or is that me just screaming? Who knows).

Twelve nuggets will be served at a time with a side of chips and a couple sauces that might tickle your fancy. There’s also vegan alternatives if that’s your jam. They even have vegan BBQ sauce! Brb drooling…

>Bookings are essential, so get in quick! Available spots won’t last long. Check out their Facebook event or just grab a ticket straight from Eventbrite.

Now all you have to do is day dream about the sheer amount of nuggets you can smash in an hour. Catch the team at the Brew Boys Tap Room at 151 Regency Rd, Croydon Park on the 6th of July.

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