Who’s the biggest tool out of Loz & Thomo?

We know… that might be a hard call to make. Or, an incredibly easy call, depending on who you ask. Either way, if you make the correct call on who’s the biggest tool, we’ll reward you… with tools!

Yep, we’re giving away $100 vouchers to use with our mates STIHL Shop Mt. Barker and STIHL Shop Fulham. If you want Australia’s best garden tools at super affordable prices, we’ve got you covered!

To win, play ‘Who’s The Biggest Tool?’ on Breakfast with Loz & Thomo. Each morning, we’ll read out a story of a time Loz OR Thomo were a massive tool… but you won’t know who the tool in the story was. Ring up and guess whether it was Loz or Thomo in that morning’s story, the first person to get it right will win!

If that wasn’t enough, we’re giving away a bonus voucher online… see below to enter the second chance draw!

‘Who’s The Biggest Tool?’ kicks off Monday May 25th, and runs all week. Tune into Breakfast with Loz & Thomo 7-10am for your chance to win.

Australia’s most trusted brand of garden power tools are available at STIHL Shop Mt. Barker and STIHL Shop Fulham.

To go in the draw for our second-chance voucher, fill out your details below by Midnight Monday June 1st!

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