Finding love in 2018. Yikes. It’s not like the good old days is it? You know, when your Father would trade you in to the young town blacksmith for a cow and a shovel.


These days, you’ve actually got to go out and snag a ball-and-chain all on your own. And as it turns out, it can happen in the darndest of places.


Take for example, Thomo and his lovely girlfriend Charlee.


This morning, Thom-dog revealed that the pair actually found love in what we’re calling, a very hopeless place: The Woolshed d-floor at 4.47 am.


Well, I mean, that’s not exactly how he phrased it. In fact his precise words were ‘I caught something at the Woolshed three years ago that I’ve not been able to get rid of’, which is straight up the chat of a man who’s snagged an suspicious rash off a toilet seat.


But none the less, he met the love just meters away from a guy named ‘Big Chief’ riding a mechanical bull.


Shocking right? Actually no it’s not.


See whilst Loz was initially surprised by the both the authenticity and longevity of a relationship that found its beginnings on the sticky first floor of a Hindley St establishment, it turns out the foundations of Thomo and Charlee’s modern romance aren’t an exception.


In fact, according to the texts and phone calls shockingly like 99% of Adelaide met their soulmate at Red Square or somewhere like it.


So there you go. The Woolshed can be wholesome after all. It’s just all about how you ride that mechanical bull (of love).


Listen below to hear it all unfold.


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