There is only ONE more sleep left until the Fringe officially begins! Can I get an Amen for that!?

Well, now that the wait is finally (almost) over, here are some smaller Fringe shows that you should give a little love to this weekend! And as it’s Valentine’s Day today, it is only fitting that you spread as much love as possible!

Show Name: Matt Vesely And George The Robot Perform A Very Normal Stand Up Comedy Routine

Venue: The National Wine Centre

Dates: Friday 15th – Monday 18th Feb @6pm, Friday 22nd – Wednesday 27th Feb @8:30pm

This ain’t your average stand-up comedy show, despite what the title of this show says! Come and see the incredibly funny comedian robot, George, and WINNER of Adelaide Comedy Best Newcomer 2014, Matt Vesely, for a night full of laughs and surprises.

George dreams of being a comedian and leaving his boring ass job at a convenience store. Unfortunately, he is a barley functioning robot with a fatal system error, so he has hunted down South Aussie comic guru, Matt Vesely to help him out a little.

This is quite simply a stand-up comedy show with a robot performing all of the jokes! It is where sci-fi meets the best in local comedy and is guaranteed to bring you a comedy show like no other!

Tickets available at:


Venue: Campanile, The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Dates: 15th Feb – 17th March

With recent sold out shows in London, this is a show you cannot miss!

Think the exaggerated and flamboyant energy of drag queens mixed with the eerie vibes of a sèance. Sounds interesting, right?

Well, prepare yourself because the great ghost whisperer that is SÈAYONCÈ will deliver a powerhouse hour of crude, pun-filled and hilariously dark humour.

Delve into the darkside and watch in awe as SÈAYONCÈ communicates with the dead and tells tales of celebs from the spirit world…ahh I just got chills!!!

★★★★★ “Queer, overboard and full of vice” LondonBoxOffice.

Tickets available at:

Show Name: Retox

Venue: The May Wirth, Gluttony

Dates: 15th – 24th Feb

For the first time ever, international performers from Cirque De Soleil and Melbourne Theatre Company come together for Retox, a circus cabaret that will leave you wanting more.

Produced and written by two best mates from regional Victoria that decided to bring the circus life to them, Retox is a show that captures ‘an Australian voice of irreverence’.

Beware! It is an 18+ only event as it is a show about indulging in life’s pleasures… I think you know what I mean! So, don’t go and bring the kiddies along!

“In short the show’s full of lots of unapologetically stupid funny shit with some really good skills.” Sam Hryckow, Director.

Tickets are available at:

If you are involved with a Fringe show and would like to get involved with our Give A Little Fringe Love initiative this weekend, head here!