It’s almost time to say “Auf Wiedersehen” to the chills as Oktoberfest in the Gardens is on its way to warm up Adelaide!

Inspired by 16-18 day Munich beer and funfair festival, Oktoberfest gives a small taste of the event as it travels across Australia. So if the real deal is too expensive, be sure to check out a condensed one-day event for the locals to have a bevy like the Germans.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, Oktoberfest in the Gardens will feature authentic German food and drink stalls. There will also be extravagant performances both on and off stage and competitions that will try to find this year’s Mr. and Mrs. Oktoberfest. On top of that, a silent disco will feature 30 local DJs that will perform a wide variety of genres.

But the highlight of Oktoberfest will, of course, be their showcase of drinks in the main Beer Hall and across the venue. You’ll be lucky enough to try a wide range of beers, wines, ciders and all sorts of other drinks imported from Germany and across Europe.

This year, instead of the Adelaide Showgrounds, Oktoberfest in the Gardens will be taking place at Pinky Flats in North Adelaide. Right next to the River Torrens and Adelaide Oval, you’ll get to wear your lederhosen and have a bratwurst in a stunning location.

Oktoberfest in the Gardens will be taking place on Saturday the 12th of October from 1 pm at Pinky Flat.

Early bird tickets will go on sale on Thursday, August 1st, so get ready to click here.

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