Have you been missing being able to stand while having a bevy in the pub, or being able to dance at a wedding? Well, luckily for you, those easings of restrictions will take place on Friday at midnight!

Premier Steven Marshall has announced today that South Australia will have a further easing of restrictions, with a “vertical consumption” being permitted in outdoor areas of licensed venues.

It was also announced that up to 150 people will be able to be allowed to attend private functions, with a defined guest list, and vertical consumption and dancing will be allowed.

“We know that there is an opportunity to stand up a lot of jobs (in the events sector) if we get restrictions right,” says Mr. Marshall.

“This will be a big relief for a lot of licensed premises that have not been able to host those functions.”

South Australians were allowed to stand and drink between June and August, but it was shut down soon after new cases appeared in Victoria.

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