Ready to dance and party? It’s our 24th Birthday and we’re inviting YOU to celebrate with us.

We’ll be winding back and playing everything current all night long with all your favourite tunes and anthems from over the years!

Plus there will be a live performance from local sensation Matiah! Bring your dancing shoes, party hats and good vibes – this is NOT one to miss.

Thanks to the team over at BOOST for sponsoring this amazing event! In celebration of the awesome occasion the Juice specialists will be giving away up to 100 BOOSTS AT YOUR WORKPLACE/SCHOOL with four chances to win!!!

We’ll be playing BOOST YOUR WEEK every Thursday on Brekkie for the next four weeks!

Davo, Tom & Callum will play a Fresh song BUT it will be blended – you’lll need to call up and guess which song is being played to win!

Make sure you call in with your guess on Thursday between 7-10AM and of course get your tickets to Fresh’s Birthday Party Right HERE.

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