I can’t lie, I’m a little bit excited about this. It’s a notable downfall of Adelaide in that artists sometimes forget about coming by to say G’day. But, the UK based electronic beauty Rival Consoles, aka Ryan Lee West, is making sure Adelaide doesn’t miss out a night of mesmerising bliss. Tagging along with West is multi award winning producer and composer, Adelaide local DJ, Tr!p, who will spark a vibe with filthy electronics and a strong stage presence.

So, our ears will be blessed with this news, but what about our eyes? Don’t you worry, multimedia guru Luku Kukuku has got your senses covered, with extraordinary visuals to cap off what looks to be an engrossing and intimate experience. If you’ve been to the d’Arenberg Cube, which is likely considering Adelaidian’s love for wine tours, you may recall the immersive 360-degree alternate reality experience. Yep, that was Luku.

What’s even better (yes, somehow it gets better) is that Rival Consoles latest album, ‘Persona’, will be cast upon his audience at the first ever live show at the Museum of Discovery (MOD). For those who aren’t aware, MOD is a new space in the heart of the city, which aims to provoke ideas around science, art and innovation. The future-focused venue is primarily youth focused with some bizarre and intriguing exhibits already being showcased since earlier this year.

This will be a super interesting experience for Adelaide with it being MOD’s first live show. I quite like seeing Adelaide delve in the alternative side of life, and with the combination of supporting local acts, innovation interactivity and youth, it is certainly something Fresh can get around. Definitely one to pencil in the diary (or your phone, whatever you youngins are using these days).

The show is on the 17th of November with doors opening at 8pm. You might want to be quick, tickets are sure to sell fast.

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