2020 has been an absolute shocker for all of us – and our Small Business owners are really feeling it. Whether it’s the pandemic, bushfires, or something completely different, our local battlers need a hand.

That’s why here at Fresh 92.7, we want you to Get Behind A Business.

This week’s business is a local café and coffee shop, Penny University!

Located in the middle of the city, Penny University offers a superb breakfast and lunch menu throughout the week from 7 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.

This family-owned business, unfortunately, had to close during the first COVID-19 lockdown, but Penny University is back to provide your morning coffee and hunger needs!

According to the Weekend Notes, Penny University is named after the 18th-century coffee houses in London where people paid a penny to enter and enjoy the coffee, company, and the latest news or gossip.

You can find Penny University at 1 Union Street in the CBD, make sure to swing by and have a delicious meal and coffee!

For more updates, check out Penny University on Facebook and Instagram!

Is there a business that you want South Australia to get behind? Send us the deets here!

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