White Rabbit Red Rabbit is a unique experiment in theatre. Written by Nassim Soleimanpour, an Iranian writer who due to his political views and refusal to be conscripted into the Iranian army is not allowed to leave the country, the piece is unlike almost any other you are likely to see at the Fringe or any other festival this year.

It goes like this, each night a new performer/actor takes to the small stage armed only with an envelope. In this envelope are the complete script, with instructions for each step of the piece. The actor has never read the script before. Nobody knows what’s going to happen, where the story will go or how it will all come together. The story unfolds in tales of Iran, lessons learned by the writer, analogies, humour and stories to be interpreted by the watcher. The whole thing finishes on a “Will they won’t they?’  decision for the actor, but truly, I can’t say more than that.

As a whole the piece does work, there were moments where I was unsure of the relevance, some parts are a little abstract and take some comprehension. That said, think carefully and you can make it all click, somehow. For the sheer unique experience of it all you should go check it out, you’ll surely learn something about the situations that others face along the way.

White Rabbit Red Rabbit is on until Sun 15th March @ The Royal Croquet Club.

Tickets are available from Fringetix.

Words by Richard Isaacs

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