Fans of Whose Line Is It Anyway will have a field day with this Fringe offering!

Sound & Fury, a cult favourite and staple of the Adelaide Fringe since 2002, are back for another year with arguably the most convoluted of Show Titles: Secret Mystery Cabaret of Mysterious Mysteries.

It is always difficult to review cross-platform, improvisational performances, for the very reason that they are so appealing; the variety and rotating guest performers mean that no one show is the same.

This particular performance we were lucky enough to have the Sense and Spontaneity girls onstage (who stole the show), with their improv genius on full display.

Taking cues from the previously mentioned Whose Line, audiences were treated to segments involving freestyle-rapped Austen-esque scenes, one syllable Shakespeare, and of course the usual “sex with me is like…” where audience members were invited to suggest the (very random) nouns. Fourth wall? What fourth wall?

A mix between fellow Fringe acts plugging their shows and willingly performing like circus monkeys, to Tandanya resident Dirty Barry cleansing the audience, this absolutely delightful, unpredictable improvathon is what the Adelaide Fringe has, and always will be about.

Come for the Improv. Stay for the talent.


Sound & Fury have their last performance of comedy theatre show Cyranose Sunday, March 18 at Tandanya Arts Café.

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