Do you get stuck coming up with creative new passwords for your accounts? Why not let Ross Noble help you! Perhaps Salty Splashage 22 would suit? Unless Trundle Zone 45 takes your fancy?!

In his first Adelaide Fringe Show for 2015, the king of improvisational comedy came armed with exactly one and a half planned anecdotes – the remaining two and a half hours of his almost-three-hour set comprised simply of his extraordinarily quick wit, and a hell of a lot of hilarious crowd banter.

Almost instantly after entering the self-designed, ebola-looking stage, Noble wasted no time singling out his material for the night – his main victim, who supplied a plethora of laughs, was the stage-left security guard (was no one safe!) “Kevin”, aka Kevin Costner. Cue Noble belting out ‘Woman of the Night’ and ‘I Will Always Love You’.

Following the same order as other years, the standard Ross Noble show layout reads like so:

  1. Heckle: what starts as five minutes quickly turns into an hour! Taking the audience to
  2. The ‘piss break’
  3. Post intermission: slightly more straightforward humour
  4. Rejection of straightforward humour, to dive straight into
  5. Audience gifts, left onstage during the aforementioned break. (My Little Pony anyone?!)
  6. End the Second Act with talk of wildly inappropriate topics e.g. anti-Semitic babies
  7. Begin the Encore with a traditional Q&A, before finishing with his hypothesis about the aversion surrounding prophylactic use amongst young men (the explanation involves ghost-like appendages).

The fantastic thing about a Ross Noble performance is, you will never see the same show twice. The genuine and personal air to all his shows give the material a fresh feel each night, where some comedians’ may seem tired and overdone.

Whatever your show has in store for you, enjoy all the surprises!

Tangentleman plays until this Saturday, March 14.


Words by Anh Ngo.

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