Comedy comes in all shapes and sizes. In Honeycomb Badgers on Acid (yes that’s the real name and I have no idea why it is called that) the comedy comes in the shape of the completely batnuts Nicole Henriksen, a character with equally batnuts alter egos including a kooky raver girl called Big Yellow Button and a recovering drug addict/second coming of Jesus named NK.

Nicole makes it clear from the start this is not going to be an hour of stand up jokes delivered in a deadpan manner, and she does not lie. Dressed in a grey homemade dress and half cape, Henriksen delivers her off the wall montage of quirky video clips, rewritten rap lyrics (no, there’s no soya alternative to Kelis’ Milkshake) and woeful (yet funny) poems with titles such as “Hipsters Ruined Everything I love”.

There’s loads of audience interaction as she progressively chooses every audience member as her favourite at some point during the show and then proceeds to shower each with imaginary acting dust, comedy dust, fantasy dust and whatever other crazy item she cares to conjour up.

The strength in this show is less the prepared material and more Nicole’s ability to create comedy in whatever may happen or how her audience reacts. The genuinely hilarious parts came from nowhere and it is at these points the show shines. This level of nutty comedy, think Monty Python mixed with a touch of  Rebel Wilson, is not for everybody but if you’re happy to leave your inhibitions at the door you’ll likely have some fun at this one.

Nicole Henriksen “Honeycomb Badgers in Acid” runs until 15th March at the Fringe, so get in quick.

Words by Richard Isaacs

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